Ganondorf ScreenshotOur friends over at Legend of have recently put out a short article discussing whether or not Ganon is too evil to be an effective villain. The article highlights Ganondorfs appearance in Ocarina of Time, while also briefly touching on his pig form in other Zelda titles. Here is a short excerpt from the article that was posted.

In OoT, Ganondorf seemed to only have two motives, to get the Triforce and rule Hyrule. The way he tried to achieve this was to threaten people with death if they didn’t give him what he wanted, which in this case were the Spiritual Stones. The manner in which he did this was very monotone, as if he was a sort of robot programmed to get the Spiritual Stones by any means necessary but without any emotion. In other words, he seemed very intelligent, but he lacked any emotion; everything was a logical move for him.

In a majority of the Zelda games, I personally didn’t think Ganon or Ganondorf got enough screen time to really formulate much of an opinion. In the first couple Zelda titles there were rather elaborate back stories but I never felt Ganon, or his minions, were so overly evil or anything. The games were games and each game just needed to have a villain. I think Zant in Twilight Princess (at least in the first half of the game) was the most effective villain in the Zelda series as he seemed legitimately scary and evil, and I think these are traits of an effective villain.

Be sure to head on over to Legend of to check out the full article. Let us know what you think by posting in the comments below.

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