Over the years, and especially this past year, I’ve lost track of the amount of times there has been a fan push for Lego to release a Legend of Zelda set. As likely or unlikely as it may be in fruition, this set from Wes Talbott that we initially shared last month shows potential.

Entitled “Iron Knuckle Encounter,” this set, to me, perfectly encapsulates the right moment for Zelda Lego. Having those pillars smashed by the Iron Knuckles back in the 64 days for those much needed heart pieces, when our childhood gaming abilities were more limited, is perfect for Lego.

Complete with pots, the set also has a poster design to truly make it a collector’s set. Below you can find a gallery of more images of the proposition. If you’re a fan, you can head over to Lego Cuuso and support the project to let Lego know that you’d be a buyer. In the past month the design has reached over 3500 supporters hoping to make it a reality.

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