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The Wii U will feature a tablet like controller as its main input and selling factor. But will it have already been done by the time Wii U comes out? Quite possibly. The iPad app Real Racing 2 HD is already a popular gaming app that features gaming on the big screen with HDMI cables. However, in the near future, it will be possible to play it on your TV wires-free. So, this may quite possibly beat the Wii U at being first. But the catch is the price and number of games.iPads range in the $400-600+ price range. Then, you have to have a device that supports Apples AirPlay feature, such as Apple TV. That’ll cost you another hundred bucks. And even then, this may be the only gaming app to feature this(not likely, but possible). Oh, and you won’t be playing Mario, Zelda, or any of the rest of the gang either.

Source: Kotaku

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