Rejoice, Zelda fans! Today marks the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, a series that has captured the hearts of multiple generations of gamers, given so many fans the opportunity to be legendary heroes, and inspired so many video games to follow in its footsteps. We at Zelda Dungeon owe so much to the Zelda series and to the brilliant minds that built it.

But The Legend of Zelda itself isn’t the only game celebrating a big birthday this month.

The twin Game Boy classics Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons will be turning 20 years old on February 27th! These Capcom (technically Flagship)-developed titles offered a unique experience to Zelda fans, spanning two separate adventures in two separate kingdoms and coming together for a grand finale through a revolutionary Linked Game system. Each game had its individual strengths, but both together made for an amazing one-of-a-kind experience!

So, in addition to celebrating the legacy of the Zelda series as a whole, we’ll be celebrating the Oracle games specifically for the entire week leading up to their 20th birthday! Oracle Week will kick off Monday, February 22nd, as we explore of the lives and legacies of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons!

What can you expect from Oracle Week?

  • Multiple Editorials: We’ll be running a series of editorials about and inspired by the Oracle games throughout the week. Our talented group of writers will share about their favorite parts of these games, reflect on how the games affected them and their lives, and analyze how the games left a lasting legacy in gaming history.
  • Oracle-Centric Daily Debates: We’ve prepared some great debate topics this week, with each one focusing on an aspect of the twin Game Boy Color adventures. Get ready to discuss gameplay, characters, and that fabled third game.
  • Oracle-Themed Weekly Features: A few of our recurring original features will be highlighting the Oracle games this week, including the Caption Contest, Artists of Legend, and more! Check out our YouTube channel right here for some Oracle love as well.
  • The Conclusion of “An Adventure for The Ages”: Zelda Dungeon editors Emi Curtis, Hannah Rogers, and Andrew Millard started this unique retrospective series earlier this month, as “a veteran, a newcomer, and a lapsed fan” play through Oracle of Ages together. This series will come to an exciting conclusion this week!
  • The Champions’ Cast Retrospectives: Our weekly podcast The Champions’ Cast got a headstart on the festivities last Monday with their Oracle of Ages retrospective, and they’ll finish off the proceedings two Mondays from now with their Oracle of Seasons retrospective!
  • Continued Zelda and Nintendo coverage: Just because we’re hosting a special themed week doesn’t mean we’ll stop bringing you all the latest Zelda news. Everything between the editorials and features will be business as usual.

Oracle Week will run from 02/22 to 03/01. Enjoy the festivities, and be sure to share about your favorite moments from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons with us all week long!

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