It may be hard to believe, but The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary this month. Released on April 27th, 2000, the “dark horse” of 3D Zelda titles introduced us to the the darker, more emotional side of the beloved franchise. Despite being a follow-up to one of the most acclaimed video game adventures of its day, Majora’s Mask built a lasting legacy all its own with its creative gameplay risks, its emotionally-charged story, and its cast of memorable and relatable characters.

Majora’s Mask is very special to me and the entire Zelda Dungeon staff (it was my first Zelda game, in fact!). That’s why we will be celebrating the Hero of Time’s harrowing journey into Termina with Majora’s Mask Week! Kicking off Sunday, April 19th, this special theme week will explore the life and legacy of Majora’s Mask, one of the most beloved Zelda games of all time.

What can you expect from Majora’s Mask Week?

  • Multiple Editorials: We’ll be running a series of Majora’s Mask-themed editorials throughout the week. Our talented group of writers will share about their favorite parts of the game, reflect on how the game affected them and their lives, and analyze how the game left a lasting legacy in gaming history. We’re even re-posting some old favorites!
  • Majora-centric Daily Debates: We’ve prepared some great debate topics this week, with each one focusing on an aspect of the N64’s second Zelda adventure. Get ready to discuss gameplay, story, and music.
  • Majora-themed Weekly Features: A few of our recurring original features will be highlighting Majora’s Mask this week, including the Champions’ Cast, Caption Contest, and more! Check out our YouTube right here for some MM love as well.
  • Continued Zelda and Nintendo coverage: Just because we’re hosting a special theme week doesn’t mean we’ll stop bringing you all the latest Zelda news. Everything between the editorials and features will be business as usual.

Majora’s Mask Week will run from 04/19 to 04/25. Enjoy the festivities, and be sure to share about your favorite moments from Majora’s Mask with us all week long!

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