Halloween approaches, ladies and gentlemen. And as the air gets brisk and the days grow darker, we can almost hear voices from beyond the grave crying out for some well-deserved attention. The Legend of Zelda has always embraced the supernatural in one way or another, which is why we’re officially kicking off our very first Ghost Week. For the next seven days, Zelda Informer will host a devilish display of paranormal content, celebrating the many ghosts, ghouls, specters, spirits, and phantoms from the Zelda franchise. Join us as we open a portal to the otherworldly realms and explore the eeriest, scariest, and ghostliest moments the series has to offer.

What can you expect from Ghost Week?

  • Multiple Editorials: We’ll be host to various editorials throughout the week, each one focusing on a stark, spooky, or spectral element of the Zelda series. Our passionate writing staff will channel the voices of the dead and perhaps delve into some of the darkest corners of Hyrule. Be prepared for lists, theories, and analyses.
  • Horror-centric Daily Debates: Our Original Content team have conjured up some great debate topics this week, focusing on some of the more paranormal and horror-based aspects of the series. Get ready to discuss lore, enemy types, and atmosphere.
  • Ghost-themed Weekly Features: If you have kept your eye on our weekly Caption Contest, you’d know we’ve been featuring creepy Zelda images all October long. Some of our other weekly features will follow suit this week, adding some supernatural variety to their normal approach. Check out our YouTube right here for some ghost-themed video content as well.
  • Ghost-themed social media posts: Check out our Twitter right here and our Instagram right here for plenty of ghost-themed fan art, fan posts, and memes.
  • Continued Zelda and Nintendo coverage: Just because we’re hosting a special theme week doesn’t mean we’ll stop bringing you all the latest Zelda news. Everything between the editorials and features will be business as usual.

Ghost Week will run from 10/23 to 10/29. Enjoy the ghostly festivities, and be sure to share about your favorite ghosts, spirits, and shades from the Zelda series all week long!

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