From the very start of the series, dungeons have been intrinsic to the identity of The Legend of Zelda. Whether they be levels, palaces, temples, cisterns, or Divine Beasts, these structures are in many ways collectively a crucial ingredient of the whole Zelda franchise. These areas, more than any other, sell the heroism, adventure, fantasy, and sense of discovery for which we come to Zelda again and again. “Dungeon” is in the name of this website for a reason, after all!

Way back in 2014, and again in 2017, separate iterations of our writing staff came together to celebrate their favorite Zelda dungeons in an event we lovingly called Dungeon Week. Writers shared about the dungeons that they identified with personally, the dungeons that exhibited certain design ideas by the Zelda team, and the dungeons that hit on nostalgia in just the right way. Now, after five years, as veteran writers have moved on to greener pastures and new writers have joined the team, we are resurrecting Dungeon Week once again! For the next eight days, the talented members of our writing team will be highlighting the dungeons that mean the most to them!


So what can you expect from Dungeon Week?

  • Daily editorials by members of our staff, each one focusing on a writer’s favorite Zelda dungeon. These editorials will not only highlight dungeons spanning across the entire series, but each piece offers a unique take on why the dungeon is important or noteworthy to the person writing. Expect personal anecdotes, thematic analyses, insightful theories, and game design examinations. This will be a great way to get to know the awesome members of the ZD team!
  • Dungeon-themed Daily Debates. Our writers have been hard at work crafting intriguing dungeon-focused Daily Debate topics. Some debates will focus on specific dungeons, whereas others will tackle dungeons more generally. Whatever the case, be ready to voice your opinions on the divisive aspects of Zelda‘s many labyrinths.
  • Dungeon-themed weekly features. Fans of our weekly features like the Zelda Cast and Caption Contest will be happy to know that dungeons will be the focus there as well.
  • Dungeon-based content on social media. Our dedicated social media team has plans for Dungeon Week too! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok for dungeon-themed posts, polls, and more!
  • Continued Zelda and Nintendo coverage. Just because we’re hosting a special themed week doesn’t mean we’ll stop bringing you all the latest Zelda news. Everything between the editorials and features will be business as usual.

Dungeon Week will run from 01/22 to 01/29. The Zelda Dungeon team has worked really hard to make Dungeon Week something special. I hope you all enjoy the festivities as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them all together. You can keep up with all our Dungeon Week content and view Dungeon Week articles of the past right here.

Be sure to share about your favorite dungeon experiences in the comments all week long!

Featured Art: Spirit Temple by KlausBoss

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