In this day and age, modding is one of the things that allows players to enjoy and express their creativity in ways never thought of by the developers. One thing that Breath of the Wild has given us over the years now is a sandbox of enjoyable moments brought about by incredible mods. This latest one, though, might just be one of the most fun and impressive to see realized.

As seen in a recent showcase video by YouTube user MK, a new collection of mods by modder Yainskofso allows Samus Aran, protagonist of the Metroid series, to traverse Hyrule in her own unique way. Loaded with different skins, music, sound effects, and even modded weapons, this is a truly incredible variation on the Breath of the Wild engine. Things like the Master Cycle were swapped out for Samus’ iconic spaceship, and the Paraglider for a baby Metroid.

For me, one of the best aspects of these mods was all the music swaps. The Zelda series truly has some of the best music in all of gaming, but I think Metroid is often overlooked for its great themes. The music of Metroid typically highlights the isolation and haunting nature of space, which, as it turns out, plays incredibly well in this barren take on Hyrule.

These mods are all available right now on GameBanana, though the project is still a work in progress. The Samus mod is available here, the gunship is available here, and the Metroid soundtrack pack is available here.

What did you think of this mod video? Would it be something you’d want to check out? Does it make you want to pick up a Metroid game while we wait for the Breath of the Wild sequel? It actually makes me wonder what Link might look like modded into a Metroid game. Let us know in the comments below what you thought about it!

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