As I’m sure most of you have noticed, Zelda Dungeon normally publishes an article about Zelda every Friday. This feature is run by myself along with a staff of many dedicated writers and editors. Dedicated writers provide the articles you read, while editors help those writers and also work on articles submitted by other forum users so that they are brought up to standard. Now that we are trying to build the article feature of the other site on the Dungeon Gaming Network, Pokemon Dungeon, we are looking for more writers and editors to help out with the articles for both sites. We need more Pokemon-themed articles and more editors to help out with the increased workload.

If you’re interested in applying either as a writer or an editor, register on the forums and go to the Article Center. Post your application as a new thread and you could be accepted as a writer, or post in this pinned thread to apply as an editor to help us go through and edit articles! Also note that the Article Center is shared between both sites on the network; being accepted means you can write for either Zelda Dungeon or Pokemon Dungeon.

No article goes up on the site without being looked over by our editing team and being improved where needed. Even articles that are not up to standard often get published after the Article Editors have finished working on them. If you have writing experience, and know a lot about sentence structure, grammar, and how to organize written content, then we could have a use for you on our Article Editor team.

Writing articles for the site is a great way to contribute and help the site, and it can also be a good way to get some exposure. Article are intended to go up on Fridays during prime viewing hours and receive a large amount of attention; the first article published on Pokemon Dungeon received large amounts of traffic. You can get recognized quite fast, especially if you do repeated articles and write frequently enough.

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