Over two years ago a trailer was released for the upcoming independent Zelda film, The Hero of Time. The movie was being featured at our affiliate site, Legends and Adventure.

After two years of waiting, 100’s of lost e-mails asking about the movie, and countless forum threads at various Zelda communities, we have some news on the film. In fact, we have a lot more than just news, we have a brand new trailer of the movie! You can check out the great trailer at the films youtube account.

Additionally, the movie now has its own website, at http://www.theherooftime.com/. The movie does look quite impressive for an independent film. While I don’t think its up to par in terms of quality of the IGN April Fools trailer, I do think that the film is on the same level in epicness. Check out the video and see it for yourself!

~ Mases
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