Many Zelda fans will admit they want to wield their very own Master Sword. However, most replicas are relatively expensive and most of us aren’t lucky enough to stumble upon a sacred grove in our lifetimes. Luckily, YouTube user HappyAtom recently released a video tutorial showing exactly how to make a pretty spot-on Master Sword replica out of wood. The video extensively details every part of the process, so those with the right equipment and enough patience will be able to follow along.

In the tutorial, HappyAtom thoroughly explains how to construct every part of the legendary weapon. He states at the beginning of the video that he is focusing on a simple sword design for practical use, but viewers are encouraged to make their creations more detailed if they wish. He also explains how to customize the weapon based on a user’s body type, which is useful if you plan to swing your own sword.

The video is fairly technical, as it explains the use of woodworking tools such as a lathe and belt sander. This information is especially helpful for those already acquainted with such equipment or for beginners looking to pursue woodworking projects. Even if you don’t have a lathe lying around, the video is still worth your time to see HappyAtom make a well-crafted sword from a few planks of poplar wood.

HappyAtom has also released video tutorials for making Link’s wooden shield and a wooden bomb replica. Perhaps he will show off some other cool Zelda projects in the future. If you feel like you’re up to the task of building your own Master Sword, let us know in the comments.

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