Still covering today’s Super Smash Bros. livestream, Nintendo announced that they have added several interesting interactive conversations between different characters on the battlefield. On certain stages, like for example Palutena’s Temple or Lylat Cruise, prompts will show up on screen discussing either the character you’re facing or conversations between characters.

On Palutena’s Temple, Pit can use his down taunt to initiate a conversation between himself and Paultena, or him and Viridi, very much like what used to happen on Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Snake initiating a codec conversation with Mei Ling or Colonel Campbell. Certain other characters can also join in on this stage, although specifics as to how this happens are unknown.

The prompts on Lylat Cruise resemble the conversation bubbles that used to appear in Star Fox 64.

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Source: Gamnesia

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