Impa Fan Art Speed Coloring

Impa Speed painting- or, in this case, speed coloring- is an awesome medium for artists with various styles to show off their artistic processes. Whether it’s digital painting or coloring with markers, it’s convenient for an artist’s audience to see a quick version of how their masterpieces come to life. For this speed coloring, YouTube user LemiaCrescent shows off her incredible eye for vibrant colors in her own rendition of Impa from Hyrule Warriors. Make the jump to check it out!

I enjoy that LemiaCrescent provides her own commentary for her videos. It’s nice hearing what was going through her head as she created this piece and it shows that she cares about keeping her audience engaged an informed. She has a few other Zelda related speed colorings on her YouTube channel that you can find by following this link.

What do you guys think of LemiaCrescent’s work? She has some real strengths in her color choices and shading. What other characters would you like to see from her? As always, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: YouTube.