The official website for Super Smash Bros. has been updated to give details on general items, Pokémon, and assist trophies in the newest entries. There’s a little new and old in every category, but we are going to take a look at everything that has been detailed on the website. For players who just enjoy Smash as a casual experience with friends, the items look promising as far as creating a fun and fair experience. If you lean more on the competitive side however, you may or may not see these items depending on how you prefer to play. Either way, there are definitely some new tactics and strategies that come with the newest additions to the game.

Playable characters are always a fun reveal, but items are usually overlooked, even though they are what make the Smash series different from other fighters, and I like that they are getting some attention. I personally can’t wait to unleash the deadly Cucco. You can check out the details that have been provided for each item below along with a collection of screenshots in the gallery. Once you’re up to speed, join the conversation in the comments section. How do you like to play Smash? What items are you excited to use against your friends and the online community? What other additions would you like to see in the items category? Speculations continue to rise in the final weeks but all will be revealed very soon, and I can’t wait.


  • Smash Ball – The Smash Ball is a mysterious sphere that floats around the stage. It will break once it takes enough damage. The player who delivers the last hit will be able to use a powerful move called a Final Smash, but only once.
  • Fire Bar – The Fire Bar from the Super Mario series has been transformed into an attack item! Hit an enemy with one of these and he or she will take damage, but every time you do so, the length of the weapon gets reduced little by little.
  • Steel Diver – This is a projectile weapon in the shape of an advanced submarine. It fires small, hard-to-see torpedoes that initially move slowly before speeding up.
  • Fairy Bottle – Picking up this item will heal 100 points of damage for a player—as long as the player was already over 100%. If a player doesn’t have enough damage, the Fairy Bottle has no effect, so the item’s usefulness depends greatly on the situation.
  • Super Leaf – Picking up this item will cause your fighter to sprout raccoon ears and a tail.
  • Beehive – Grab this and chuck it at an opponent. If it hits, the bees will swarm around your enemy and sting him or her for damage. However, if you hit one on the ground, the hive will shatter and the bees will come after you! Be careful around these things!
  • Home-run Bat – With this item you can unleash a series of ultra-powerful smash attacks. Even if your opponent is at 0% damage, a good hit with this can launch them way off the stage. Swing away!
  • Bullet Bill – Use this item to transform into Bullet Bill and shoot straight at the enemy. Your Circle Pad or Control Stick input at the moment you trigger the item will determine your launch direction, after which you’ll fly in a straight line.
  • Cucco – Once it takes enough damage, a Cucco becomes enraged and calls its feathered friends in for backup, attacking the last player that struck it. As you’re intently attacking an opponent, be careful not to inadvertently hit a Cucco!
  • Daybreak – This sacred device comes in three parts. Gather them all to assemble the weapon and begin firing high-powered beams that ignore fighters’ shields!


  • Fennekin – Fennekin uses Incinerate to create fire pillars in front of it. When the flame hits an opponent, it will cause repeated damage strikes.
  • Fletchling – Fletchling will follow its target around annoyingly and peck them numerous times.
  • Inkay – You can make opponents fall over with Inkay’s Topsy-Turvy. Once your rivals fall down, they are extremely vulnerable.
  • Giratina – Giratina shoots out a whirlwind by using Dragon Breath. If you don’t escape it in time, you can get carried off the screen.
  • Zoroark – This creature attacks rivals like lightning with Fury Swipes. Zoroark finishes off by slamming its opponent down to the ground.
  • Genesect – Genesect will attack either with lasers or shots of light. Both will go through walls, so be careful.
  • Keldeo – Secret Sword is a powerful attack that will allow Keldeo to warp near an opponent and slash a wide area with its extended horn.
  • Arceus – Arceus will use Gravity to slam down any nearby airborne opponents. If you aren’t on a platform, you will get dunked off the stage.
  • Xerneas – While Xerneas is on the stage, everyone’s launch power will increase. This will make opponents with even a small amount of damage easier to launch. The player who summoned Xerneas will get the biggest power boost.

Assist Trophies

  • Isabelle – Straight out of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Isabelle will cheer on the fighter who summons her and provide him or her with various foods. These treats will heal any fighter who touches them, so watch out for enemies trying to snag your snacks!
  • Ghirahim – Ghirahim appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He moves like an acrobat and will attack with both sword and knife. Attacks against him will not fell him, and he can even teleport back into action should he get launched off the stage.
  • Nightmare – This enemy hails from the Kirby series. After he first appears as a power orb, he then changes into wizard form and proceeds to turn the entire screen pitch black. The players, of course, get lost in the blackness–this includes the CPU characters, who will make mistakes just like human players.
  • Phosphora – Phosphora first appeared in Kid Icarus: Uprising. This cool beauty will soar through the sky at high speed and shoot lightning bolts. Attacking her will make her flinch, but you cannot defeat her.
  • Color TV-Game 15 – Color TV-Game 15 was a home game console released in Japan in 1977. Of all the game-related elements in Smash Bros., this has the honor of being the oldest. In Smash Bros., paddles on the left and right will bounce a “ball” back and forth across the stage. Any fighters who gets hit by either the ball or a paddle will take damage and get launched.
  • Midna – Midna first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Her hair changes into a giant hand, then makes a grab at any enemy fighters nearby and tosses them into the air. Like grabs by fighters, Midna’s grab cannot be shielded against. Also, if there are no enemies close to her, she’ll chase some down by teleporting into the action.
  • Ashley – Ashley is from the WarioWare series. When she appears, she creates a dark zone around her, and any enemies caught in it will move slowly and continuously take damage. There will also be various…changes…that take place. Finally, any food eaten inside the dark zone will cause damage instead of healing it.
  • Mother Brain – Mother Brain from the Metroid series is an enormous Assist Trophy that fires vertically tracking laser rays. Fighters caught in the rays will rack up numerous hits and damage, so it’s better not to be in front of her. By the way, it’s possible to defeat Mother Brain by attacking her.
  • Dark Samus – An energy-based life-form that bears a striking resemblance to Samus. Dark Samus will fire high-speed and homing missiles at opponents and, if approached, will use strong attacks to launch enemies.
  • Dr. Kawashima – The good doctor from Brain Age likes to hang out off the stage and fling numbers at the fighters. When the numbers collide and equal 10, it will cause a giant explosion. You can change the direction of the number bubbles by attacking them.

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