Image Gallery Gets an Update

Adventure of Link ArtworkOur great new staff members Xinnamin and LozzyKate have been hard at work updating our recently relaunched image gallery. Over the course of the last two months our image gallery has compiled over 11,000 images, ranging from official artwork, to screenshots, manga translations, strategy guide scans, instruction manuals, and more. One of the projects I personally have been working on is rebuilding the Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link sections of the gallery. A few weeks back I updated on the progress of my Legend of Zelda section and some of my favorite pages include the Legend of Zelda Scene Artwork and the Legend of Zelda Million Publishing Enemy Artwork

In more recent weeks I’ve updated the Adventure of Link section. While there is still a lot more to work to do with the gallery for these first two games, there is a lot of nice pictures already available. In particular we now have all the artwork images from the Adventure of Link Instruction Manual. One of my personal favorite pages is the Adventure of Link Scene Artwork page. Much like its Legend of Zelda counterpart, we’ve seen these images online for years, but never in such high quality that is readily available.

Additionally, we’ve recently installed intense debate, a comments system which allows you to post a comment on individual images in the image gallery! What’s cool about intense debate it is that it allows you to comment using your Intense Debate, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID login names. Even more so, if you don’t have an account using any of these, you can comment anyway just as a guest. Nevertheless, it’s the same simple comments system that we use on our news updates and now it is available at our image gallery.

So feel free to browse around and comment on whichever images interest you. You can also let us know what you think about the recent additions by posting in the comments below. We’ll surely be adding new images constantly in the weeks and months to come, so stay tuned.

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