IGN sat down at E3, I assume, with Aonuma to talk about Twilight Princess, the Wii, the DS, and mostly Phantom Hourglass. They’re obviously trying to get some info out of him but they really don’t get anything we already know. I guess it is interesting, in a way. Also, the audio is horrible. They might need to work on that. The video is after the jump.

Just a few comments:

  • The Time Dungeon sounds cool.

  • 80 hours?! Is that what that said? I’m not sure I believe that… maybe with collectibles. I hope he means with the collectibles.

  • It’s nice to hear him reestablish how important the storyline is especially after pretty much saying it was the least important part to them back when TP came out.

  • They have a timeline, just so you guys know.

  • Online battle game? That could be interesting…

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