Maybe it’s because we at Zelda Informer are known to be very oriented around Zelda theorizing, but when a place like IGN says “conspiracy theories”, we thought they meant something big. In reality, all that they actually mean was that they’ve made two relatively simple connections between two aspects of the Skyward Sword trailer. Zelda’s lullaby being played backwards in the trailer would be something worthy of being considered a conspiracy theory, but instead we have two very simple theories, or more accurately, simple speculation. The first is that the mysterious new character in the trailer has a connection to Vaati, and the second is that the Sheikah will likely be involved in the game. I know, it is a conspiracy isn’t it? Below are my brief thoughts on each of their suggestions.

I’ll address the Sheikah point first. IGN says that because Sheik’s harp is assigned as a usable item in the trailer, that means that there is going to be information and references to the Sheikah in the game. I’m pretty sure that assumption has been made numerous times already, and is quite likely. However, there might be a slight conspiracy in all of this. It’s that Sheik in Ocarina of Time never had a harp. It’s a lyre people. It would be nice if we could all use the technically correct terminology, although I will admit that I’m also guilty here. Something gives me a feeling that Nintendo themselves are likely to call it a harp instead of a lyre though. Shame on you.

As for the mysterious character in the trailer, going off the point above, some are saying he might be a Sheikah. IGN are going for something to do with Vaati, which as far as I can see is based on two things. His fringe being the same as Vaati’s, and his touch of purple make up. Personally, I don’t see this connection as being one that reveals itself as true. Maybe it is, but I doubt it. If we had to put our money on who that mysterious character is, I would actually go for him being one of Twilight Princess’s interlopers/Twili. The reason being that how he disappears is the exact way that twilight portals warp you in Twilight Princess. However, given his similarities to many aspects of the series – including the Gilded Sword in Majora’s Mask – there’s no knowing just who he is yet. If he is Vaati, then perhaps those who place The Minish Cap first in the timeline do have some hope after all

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