IGN Greatest Zelda Tournament

IGN’s “Greatest Zelda Tournament” has finally entered its final round, and the contenders for the top spot are none other than the two Nintendo 64 greats: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. I’m honestly a bit surprised that Majora’s Mask made it this far as it had to jump two insurmountable hurdles in the form of A Link to the Past and Twilight Princess, two of the most popular and most traditional games in the series. I guess its recent internet popularity gave it enough of a boost to propel it to the finals!

It certainly was a close call, though – Majora’s Mask won out by less than two hundred votes out of tens of thousands of responses!

UPDATE: For whatever reason, the numbers for Twilight Princess have been pushing higher throughout today and now it has pulled ahead of Majora’s Mask. IGN hasn’t commented yet, nor has the voting actually commenced, but those votes definitely didn’t start trickling in until well into today (when the final round was already supposed to have started). But while the numbers for Twilight Princess climbed, Majora’s Mask‘s vote count remained stagnant. I smell foul play – what about you?

UPDATE 2: And now they’ve pulled a re-reversal and Majora’s Mask is back on top. Notably, Twilight Princess now has a lot fewer votes than before. There almost certainly seems to have been some cheating at work here – has it at last been dealt with? Does any one still care at this point?

Ocarina of Time (21388 votes) vs.

The Wind Waker (6494 votes)

Majora’s Mask (14739 votes) vs.

Twilight Princess (12916 votes)

Final Round: Ocarina of Time vs. Majora’s Mask

I’m sure you know where my vote is going, but which will you pick? Let us know in the comments section!

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