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Brace yourself folks, it’s time for a look at another Zelda-related feature from IGN. This time around it is The Best and Worst Bosses in Zelda: Ocarina of Time – “A look back at some of the legendary (and not-so-legendary) villains in the Zelda classic.” As always, the creativity for the topic of their featured piece is… well… meh.

Factors taken into account in rating the bosses are apparently difficulty, originality, gameplay and complexity. So read on for which bosses IGN likes, which they dislike, the reasons why and of course, my thoughts.

The Best

  • Phantom Ganon – Well, they make some big claims about how he might even be better than the final battle, but give no real reasoning.
  • Twinrova – Is awesome because of how you must defeat them separately, and then they merge together into one.
  • Shadow Link – Because of how he’s introduced and how he copies your sword moves, and stands on your blade if you try to stab him.
  • Ganondorf/Ganon – The legendary defeat of Ganondorf so that he coughs up blood, then the escape and an epic final showdown.

The Worst

  • Volvagia – Because they don’t like playing whack-a-mole!
  • Morpha – Is apparently lame because the dungeon’s mini-boss – Dark Link – outshines him.
  • Barinade – Because his “creature concept” was lacking.

My Thoughts

While I’m glad that they admit all of the bosses in Ocarina of Time are great – it kind of makes this feature seem redundant. Nevertheless – I agree with Gohma and King Dodongo not being on the list. They are pretty mediocre in the overall game’s picture, along with Barinade. Barinade doesn’t stand out, but he isn’t a bad boss. What I’d like to know is what sort of “creature concept” IGN wants to see in something that is basically a virus or tumor.

On to the adult bosses – Phantom Ganon actually rates in at my least favorite, and the only real reason for that is because of some awkward camera angles through the rope fence when volleying his attacks. Hardly a major gripe at all. In my opinion, the bosses in Ocarina of Time get better as they go along. Volvagia isn’t bad either. Morpha is just hated because of the Water Temple. It’s a great boss fight, but I hope in the 3D remake the corners are no longer safe.

Bongo Bongo I would have expected to be in the worst list because people tend to hate him. I think he’s a great challenging fight. It looks like Twinrova and the final battle are the only ones me and IGN agree on, because they are the best two of the game. Twinrova’s concept of the best offense is a good defense, literally, has always been one I liked. And this is freaking Ocarina of Time. The final battle is epic. Nuff said.

I do like how they put Dark Link (although they call him Shadow Link) as one of the game’s best, because he is. However, he is always going to be a fan favorite and outshine many of the other bosses, so to use him as a way to downplay Morpha is ridiculous. He would have done the same thing anywhere in the game.

Ultimately the thing that makes this feature fall down upon itself is the lack of solid reasoning, or any reasoning at all, for why the bosses are the “best” of the “worst”. Not counting the mini-boss Dark Link, I think the worst boss was Gohma, and the best was Ganon. They get better as you progress. The way it should be. What about you? Do you agree or disagree with IGN and me? What are your favorite Ocarina of Time bosses? Your least favorite?

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