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In one last epic sweep through the final round, a move that I’m sure surprises no one, Ocarina of Time took the top spot in IGN’s “Greatest Zelda Tournament.” This is assuming, of course, that there’s not some kind of mix-up with the final tallies. It’s a fitting end, and one that I’m sure the site had in mind from the start, given the excitement surrounding the game’s 3DS DX edition, which is now less than a month away for most of us.

Gotta say, while I was rooting for Majora’s Mask, I’m not too disappointed. Having just finished playing through the original game to write up our Ocarina of Time 3D walkthrough, which releases soon, I’m starting to really appreciate what the game brought to the series a lot more. It’s a bit ironic, really, since it was my very first Zelda game – you’d think I’d be a bit more sentimental.

Round 1

  • Ocarina of Time vs. Zelda’s Adventure
  • Phantom Hourglass vs. Spirit Tracks
  • Oracle of Seasons vs. Oracle of Ages
  • The Legend of Zelda vs. The Wind Waker
  • A Link to the Past vs. Wand of Gamelon
  • Majora’s Mask vs. Four Swords Adventures
  • Link’s Awakening vs. The Minish Cap
  • Twilight Princess vs. The Adventure of Link

Round 2

  • Ocarina of Time vs. Phantom Hourglass
  • Oracle of Seasons vs. The Wind Waker
  • A Link to the Past vs. Majora’s Mask
  • Link’s Awakening vs. Twilight Princess

Round 3

  • Ocarina of Time vs. The Wind Waker
  • Majora’s Mask vs. Twilight Princess

Final Round

  • Ocarina of Time vs. Majora’s Mask

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