Zora Artwork

The folks at IGN have celebrated Zelda’s 25th anniversary by looking far and wide for 80 amazing pieces of fan artwork of some of the Zelda villains. The whole collection was released in 4-different parts, each containing 20 different pieces of astonishing fan artwork of some of the various enemies and bosses. This included basic enemies from the original Legend of Zelda, all the way to artwork renditions of some of the bosses from Spirit Tracks. Additionally, each piece of fan artwork was accompanied by a screenshot of the particular character in the game it appears, as well as a paragraph description from the folks at IGN. There are just so many goodies found within this collection that we couldn’t show you all of them. Found in this post are a few of my favorites that stood out, but be sure to check out IGN for the full listing of all 80 pieces.

In case you haven’t played all the Zelda titles or are just having trouble recognizing them, here are the listing of the above images, starting from top-left.

1. Aquamentus (Legend of Zelda)
2. Diabolical Cubus Sisters (Phantom Hourglass)
3. King Dodongo (Ocarina of Time)
4. Malladus (Spirit Tracks)
5. Miniblins (The Wind Waker)
6. Octorok (Legend of Zelda)
7. Stallord (Twilight Princess)
8. Tektite (Legend of Zelda)
9. Zora (Legend of Zelda)

Which of the above images is your favorite? Is there another one over at IGN that you really love? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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