ZeldaTF_Art1.0.0Tri Force Heroes has been out for long enough for many to have tried out the multiplayer mode, whether online or local, and many are going on the mindset that they do not like playing with strangers, so they instead go through the adventures with their friends only. Though, will these people still be friends after all is said and done? Nintendo is no stranger to making multiplayer games that make people hate eachother during gameplay, for one reason or another. Is Tri Force Heroes different? IGN has a discussion on the subject.

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I have been clear on my extreme irritation with Nintendo’s viewpoints and executions with multiplayer, specifically online. Tri Force Heroes is a good showing of that. The command emotes, the lack of voice chat, the ability to easily troll other players – it all stacks up. The IGN guys were testing out these ideas by playing without group voice chat, and chaos ensued. Voice chat, once again, seems to be the easy fix for this. I have not heard nearly as much anger between players from games with voice chat, or that are being played locally. I sure do hope Nintendo starts realizing things like this, and compensates.

Do you agree with the points IGN’s guys made? Have you been enjoying Tri Force Heroes with your friends? Drop a comment!

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