Ganon Boss BattleThe folks over at IGN have recently posted an article stating what they think are the best and worst boss battles in Ocarina of Time. Some of the names on the list are pretty universal. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody online who thought Twinrova was a terrible boss battle, so naturally it made the list as being one of the best bosses. Amongst the other bosses on the positive side were Phantom Ganon, Dark Link, and Ganon/Ganondorf. Jump inside to see the rest of the listing and my personal list.

The three bosses that made the list as the worst bosses were Volvagia, Morpha, and Barinade. I think it’s also pretty universal that Morpha is on the list as one of the worst bosses. I actually giggled a bit when reading IGN’s tidbit on Morpha and you can read it yourself below.

How lame are you when you’re outdone by your sub-boss? Add in the fact that Morpha is effectively a small brain in a pool of water and you have a pretty lackluster creation. Cool intro, lame boss.

I definitely agree with the comparison between Dark Link and Morpha. In my opinion the mini-boss battle Dark Link was one of the most memorable parts of Ocarina of Time. It was just awesome, the room atmosphere, discovering him after looking around room, and even the sense of accomplishment after finally defeating him. Despite him simply being a mini-boss, I think he was one of the best overall bosses in the game. Morpha… probably one of my least favorite bosses in the game and certainly one of the more frustrating ones. Not exactly one of the memorable experiences from Ocarina of Time.

Overall though, if I had to rank the bosses from Best to Worst, I think I’d rank them as follows. Obviously it is quite arbitrary and the difference between 1 or 2 spots is very miniscule.

1. Phantom Ganon
2. Twinrova
3. Ganondorf
4. Ganon
5. Bongo-Bongo
6. Queen Gohma
7. Volvagia
8. King Dodongo
9. Barinade
10. Morpha

So what are your favorite bosses. Do you agree with IGN’s list? What about my ranking? Be sure to let us know by posting in the comments below.

Source: IGN
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