The folks over at IGN had the opportunity to play through the three demos of Skyward Sword that were available at E3. In the video above, an aerial race is shown where Link needs to collect statues for Princess Zelda while flying on top of a bird. Once the race has started, the Wii remote can be tilted left and right to change direction. You can also move the Wii rmote up and down to fly higher or dive, while also using A to dash and B to slow down. While chasing another bird to get the statue, numerous other large rocks and characters attempt to block your way and slow you down, adding more difficulty to the race. Check out more videos after the jump.

Two more playable demos were on the floor at E3 and the videos for those can be found below. They include a fight with a Stalfos, presumably the mini-boss of the dungeon, and the fight with the Demon Lord Girahim.

What did you think of the videos and content shown at E3? How do you feel about the Aerial Gameplay as well? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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