IGN Rewind Theater is a video series that analyses all kinds of trailers and gameplay footage extremely in-depth, by stopping and discussing at every opportunity in order to find every possible detail. They’ve just uploaded a video where they look at the newest footage of Zelda U from the Game Awards, raising some interesting points about the enormous world and the gameplay.

We’ve seen tons of analyses of the Zelda U video, but here we see a bunch of new details, as well as an interesting discussion of what the things could mean: they talk in-depth about Link and his shield’s design, as well as the effects of the enormous world, and small things about the gameplay, such as the impact Epona has on other horses and enemies. Most interestingly in my opinion, this is a much deeper look at the HUD of the map screen, and they point out an icon that could very possibly show Epona’s position.

What do you think of this video? Did you see things that they forgot to point out? Do you disagree with anything they say (other than mixing up the Deku Leaf and the Sailcloth)? Let us know in the comments!

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