These things pop up every so often and I swear I remember seeing something like this from IGN awhile back around the time Spirit Tracks was released. Nevertheless, the folks over at IGN have put together a 10 page article chronicling the History of Zelda. Being a huge Zelda fan, and seing how frequent these types of articles appear, almost all of it is just the same type of material that I’ve seen over and over before, so it isn’t overly exciting for me. However, if you are a new fan, haven’t played all the games, or just not that hardcore but want to know more, then be sure to check out the article.

Interesting enough this is one of the few articles that actually acknowledges the existence of the Philips CD-i Zelda games. In Part 3 of the article, IGN talks about how the three CD-i games came to be and how terrible they actually are… or are they? One of the games Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon is going to be the featured game in tomorrows Live Stream here at Zelda Dungeon. So rather than taking the word of an IGN article writer, check us out live tomorrow and see for yourself what you think of the game. The Live Stream is set to begin at 11am US Central Time. See you all there!

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