IGN recently created a feature showing off 5 ultra rare games from Nintendo’s past. Among the treasure trove was a lesser known Majora’s Mask demo, used in store kiosks to give consumers a taste of the game. Unfortunately I never got to play one of these demos when I was younger, but it’s certainly something many collectors wouldn’t mind having in their own personal collection. It’s fairly rare, though not insanely hard to get ahold of… like a certain NES World Championship game. Right now you can purchase one on ebay for a between $100 and $150 USD.

IGN also points out other gems, such as the gold Punch-Out!! special famicon cartridge and Donkey Kong Jr. Math. It’s a nifty read and a nice look back at Nintendo’s past. All I know is that I really want that Majora’s Mask demo in my collection. I even wonder – how can you demo a game that only lasts 3 days?

Source: IGN

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