Over at IGN they have decided to start up The Greatest Legend of Zelda Game Tournament! With the upcoming release of OoT 3D and Skyward Sword later this year it seems like the perfect way to celebrate Zelda’s 25th anniversary. They took the time to include every single main Zelda game, including Four Swords Adventure and even the Zelda CD-i releases! So Zelda’s Adventure and The Wand of Gamelon are also in the grand competition. I don’t think most Zelda fans have actually played the CD-i releases, but it’s good that they went the whole way and included them. At this moment in time there is round 1 voting taking place. Be sure to check back on the 5th of May when round 2 voting will be in action! Round 1 was Ocarina of Time vs Zelda’s Adventure and A Link to the Past vs The Wand of Gamelon. There are mixed views on the CD-i games, but I think OoT and ALttP will beat them out in this round.

This tournament looks really fun and a great way to see what Legend of Zelda players will determine as their favorite game. Looking through some of the comments, it appears that there are mixed opinions on which game people want to win, so I think it should be awesome to see how this ultimate competition turns out! Be sure to go and vote for your favorite Zelda game!

What do you think of this tournament? Which game do you think should win? Let us know in the comments!

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