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It has been a long, long, long … long time since we’ve made a news update about the rare, random, strange and unique Zelda items that you can find on eBay. Just recently, a mint condition Zelda Game and Watch sold for about $400US. So if that floated your boat, well unlucky, because the ship has already set sail. However, if random rare T-shirts – by which I mean there are very few of them, not Rareware t-shirts – are your thing, then read on for links to the eBay bids on a “Camp Hyrule” T-shirt and signed Eiji Aonuma shirt.

The first shirt is by far more exciting than the one below. This beast is apparently signed and dated by Eiji Aonuma from a conference back in 2007, although there is no “certificate of authenticity” or like, so no guarantees. regardless, it is pretty cool because the actual shirt has Mii depictions of Eiji Aonuma, Shigeru Miyamoto and, of course, the legendary Regginator himself – Reginald “Reggie” Fils-Aime. If this shirt wasn’t in large, then I think I would be bidding on it for sure. This sentence’s sole purpose is to inform you that the link to this shirt is here.

As for the second one: those of you who are familiar with the discontinued online “Camp Hyrule” may be interested in this first shirt, which is one of the 2005 winning Cabin’s Stumpy T-Shirts. I dunno, looks pretty crap, and completely unexciting to me, but apparently some people want this – perhaps those who didn’t win it back in 2005. Check it out here if you want!

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