More Ideas For Zelda Wii

Zelda WiiIt’s pretty obvious: here at ZI, we love to talk, talk, and talk some more about just every single aspect of the Zelda world. Apparently, other people do as well. Take Shaun El-Ters of for example. Similar our very own Phil Stenson’s Stetson’s “Top Ten Things Zelda Wii Should Have,” his article explores various aspects, features, and ideas that he feels should be included in Link’s first truly original adventure on the Wii—a jump button, a talking Link, and a more advanced combat system, to name a few. Read the rest here.

Personally, I think it needs only two things: an unlockable pink tunic and the ability to do that sweet down + A move Link has in Super Smash Bros. But that’s just me. Thoughts?

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