It’s Alright Folks – There is a Timeline

In the last news post, Phil posted a link to a video where Nintendo of America stated that there is officially no Zelda timeline. Their precise words were along the lines of:

“There isn’t a true frame of reference or timeline possible for the series.”

I personally will not, cannot, and simply, do not, accept that. Nintendo can say whatever they want, but they cannot stop us. I don’t care what they have to say on the timeline because there is a timeline. Of course there will never be a definite timeline that all theorists will agree upon, but we can’t accept the statement that there isn’t a timeline.

First off, thankfully that’s only Nintendo of America, who realistically has no say when it comes to Zelda, so what they say on the timeline is nothing…right? Yet even if Mr. Miyamoto said himself that there was no timeline, I wouldn’t adhere to that, and I’m sure many would be beside me. Regardless of what the officials say, there can still be a timeline. No quotes from any Nintendo office will compromise my views.

Nintendo of America LogoIt may be that the developers have no timeline themselves, as they’ve already screwed up the possibility of a clear-cut one long ago, but to say that there is no timeline – that’s pathetic. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one, it just means that they themselves have given up.

We’re theorists… of course there is a timeline. There’s definitely no ‘official’ one, but to say there is none? What they should have said is “we do not have a specific order”, not that a chronology isn’t possible. We’re free to place the games as we wish and theorize about how they fit together, and we will continue to do so. Nothing Nintendo says will stop us.

For Nintendo to directly say to their fans that a timeline isn’t possible, is insulting. No timeline is without questionable aspects, but that isn’t to say they are impossible. It is insulting to the creative mind of fans to tell them to stop studying into a chronology. Zelda has never purposed to do anything but inspire and entertain.

Say whatever you want ‘officials’ of Nintendo of America, because there can be a timeline. You have no say in this: Miyamoto and Eiji seem to have a bit to say on chronology from time to time, you know, something about a document. Even if they denied one, there would still be one. Honestly Nintendo of America, I think us fans know more about The Legend of Zelda than you could ever imagine. Besides, did anyone read their next line after saying there is no timeline?

“For additional information on The Legend of Zelda Series, please visit our official Legend of Zelda website at the following address:” Fails

Okay, so that confirms it. They have no idea what they’re on about. Anybody with some knowledge about Zelda knows how completely inaccurate that official website is. If you don’t, you need to learn the failures of the official Zelda website. Regardless of what these officials say, there is a timeline. Maybe it’s like the Holy Grail – we know it exists, but can’t quite find it. Maybe it’s something inside of us individually, that we will never all agree on. Whatever: it exists.

In conclusion: Nintendo of America, according to rule number 14, which states, “Claiming there is no timeline of any kind”, I now officially pronounce you GANNON BANNED!

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