Faron Woods serves as the third stage of the game. The player can play as Link, Impa, or Sheik

Faron Woods: Quick Guide

  • Defeat the cluster of enemies throughout the southwest part of the map until a treasure chest appears.
  • Open the treasure chest to get the Bow and Arrow.
  • Use the Bow and Arrow to defeat all of the Deku Babas that are indicated on the map.
  • Travel towards the northwest and defeat the ReDeads and clusters of enemies.
  • ReDeads are indicated on the map. Travel to the various clusters of enemies and defeat them.
  • Once it opens, travel to the center of the map and gain control of the area.
  • After the center of the maps begins to go up in flames, continue defeat clusters of enemies as you head to the northeast corner of the map.
  • After enough enemies are defeated, an X will appear at the northeast corner.
  • Defeat the enemies at the northeast corner of the map to open the door.
  • Run over to summon the Great Fairy and she will cause rain to eliminate the flames.
  • Fight the enemies and make your way to the northwest corner of the map. Clear the area and Gohma will appear.
  • Shoot an Arrow at Gohma’s eye to stun her when it turns blue and then deliver sword slashes to harm her.
  • After a period of time, Gohma will jump to various parts of the map. Chase after her and defeat her.

Faron Woods: Boss Guide

  • Gohma:

Faron Woods: Extras

  • Gold Skulltula: After accumulating 1000 kills, a Gold Skulltula will appear appear on the far western edge of the map. The skulltula is not visible as it is hidden underneath a boulder. Blowup the boulder and defeat the skulltula to get a token.
  • Gold-Skulltula

  • Heart Container: At the southeast corner of the map there is a piece of land that wraps around to the left. Here you will find a boulder that can be blown up, revealing a treasure chest containing the heart container.
  • Heart-Container

Faron Woods: Video Guide