As we know, a Twilight Princess-themed DLC pack is coming to Hyrule Warriors on November 27th, featuring Twilight Midna as a playable character. Well, as Nintendo just announced via a Facebook post, the DLC pack is going to include a new weapon for Zelda, a Twilight Princess-themed Adventure Mode map, and two extra costumes, one of which is a Postman costume for Link.

Nothing has been said about exactly what the other costume might be; back when the first information came from this pack, Aonuma mentioned that “For one of the costumes, you can dress Link up as a certain familiar character from the Zelda series. It may make you say “”Wow!”” so I hope you’ll look forward to it.” It’s unclear as to whether the costume he was talking about was the Postman, or the one that has yet to be revealed, so we can look forward to finding out about that in the following week.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to play this DLC pack? What’s the unrevealed costume based on? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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