The Twilight Princess DLC for Hyrule Warriors has gone live and is available for purchase/download. Among the new content comes a new playable character: Twili Midna, entering the battle using the Mirror of Twilght as her weapon. Also new with the Twilight Princess pack is the Postman costume for Link while Princess Zelda gets both the Dominion Rod and an Ilia costume. The new DLC pack also adds another Adventure Mode map.

Check out the Japanese trailer for this DLC pack in the video above!

The North American price for the Twilight Princess DLC pack is $7.99. Alternatively, the Hero of Hyrule bundle pack featuring this and three other DLC packs for Hyrule Warriors can be purchased for $19.99, with the added bonus of the Dark Link costume.

In addition to this pack, version 1.4.0 is now available to all owners of Hyrule Warriors, making the following changes to the game:

  • Maximum character level increased to 150
  • Able to carry up to 999 of any material
  • New apothecary mixtures
  • New medals can be won
  • Able to use amiibo to receive in-game bonuses and presents

Are you excited for this DLC? Have you already bought it or are you planning to now that you’ve seen the trailer? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Nintendo

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