While the content of the game itself has made for plenty of interesting information for our walkthrough, it would be a shame if we forgot the reason why Americans are still grumbling about their pre-orders for Hyrule Warriors: the scarf, not to mention the other goodies from the Treasure Box set still exclusive to Japan. While we know that European fans will have an opportunity to obtain the fashionable Hyrulean garb, their chance is still a month away, making this footage of the pre-order goods quite rare in the west.

Thanks to Twitter user johntv, we have both pictures of all the merchandise that comes with the Treasure Box pack, as well as a video giving us a special listen and look at the what opening the chest is like. While we still have no word as to most of these items coming elsewhere, we’ve still got over a month before the release, so its entirely possible that the West could see some more pre-order bonuses.

Source: Twitter (via GoNintendo)

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