Back when Hyrule Warriors was released, fans who pre-ordered the Japanese Treasure Box Edition, the European Limited Edition or bought the extremely elusive Nintendo World Store Limited Edition, managed to get their hands on a nifty scarf based on the one Link uses in the game. Although some really talented people have created and sold their own, this has been the only way to own an officially licensed replica of the scarf. That is, up until now.

AmiAmi, a popular online store that sells Japanese anime and video game items, has recently listed the scarf up for pre-order. The newly titled “Scarf of Bravely” has a release date of “late January” and will be available for ¥1,830 [roughly around $15]. It also comes with a maximum purchase limit of three per household. Whether or not these are newly produced scarves, or if they’re in any way different from the ones found in the limited edition releases of the game, has yet to be seen. They makers of the scarf are listed as Koei Tecmo Games, so at least we can be sure that these are officially licensed products.

The website has a notice in regards to the item, stating that in case of manufacturer shortages all pre-orders will be listed on a first come, first served basis. The scarf also seems to be the #1 most viewed item on the site right now, so if you’d like to get your hands on one of these, make sure to put in your pre-orders as soon as possible.

Source: AmiAmi

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