Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

HWScarfLinkWe found an awesome Hyrule Warriors scarf for you over at Level Up Studios. Winter has arrived with a vengeance in my neck of the woods. The metre-high snowdrifts and sub-zero temperatures make a Hyrule Warriors scarf the perfect accessory for your brave journeys into the outdoors. Click in for all the details.








Modeled on Link’s blue commander’s scarf in Hyrule Warriors, this scarf is 5’ 6” long and has the Hylian crest on each end. It is surprisingly reasonably priced at $27.99 USD. You know you want this.


Level Up Studios also carries a selection of other Legend of Zelda themed goods. My personal favourite is the Hero Messenger Bag; an Ocarina of Time themed bag that allows you to recreate any of the songs in Ocarina of Time. Go check out the website; it is well worth your time.

Source: Level Up Studios

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