agithaWith the Master Quest DLC now available in Japan we get a chance to see what kinds of costumes it has to offer. The DLC – which will be released October 16th – features several new costumes, including the Gothic Agitha costume in the thumbnail, and two based on Majora’s Mask. Click on the jump to see more.



As you can see Ruto is showing her musical taste by dressing up as Lulu of the Indigo-Go’s.


Darunia’s outfit only looks like a color change at first glance but if you look close you’ll see small details marking a tribute to Darmani’s Ghost.


This next costume isn’t from Majora’s Mask but it’s sure to be just as interesting as Zelda gets a Hilda costume from A Link Between Worlds.

The DLC also includes a Maskless Zant and a Purple Link. So are these costumes enough to make you want the DLC, or are you wanting to see more first? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Neogaf

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