As was announced this week, Hyrule Warriors: Legends will feature characters and new story elements inspired by The Wind Waker. While extremely cool, some may be wondering where these Wind Waker segments actually fit in the story of Hyrule Warriors. Luckily for these fans, a new Famitsu interview with producer Yosuke Hayashi reveals that the Wind Waker content in Hyrule Warriors: Legends will serve as an “epilogue-like story,” taking place after the ending of the Wii U version.

During development of the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors, Koei Tecmo considered elements from The Wind Waker for inclusion in the game, but ultimately decided against it. Their reasoning was that The Wind Waker “differs so drastically from the other titles with its visuals and the world, it was hard to bring those games together.” While they made the decision not to use The Wind Waker in the Wii U original, it would seem they found a way to fit elements from the game into the new 3DS title.

In developing Hyrule Warriors: Legends, Hayashi explained that the team wanted to include a new “epilogue-like story” to the original game. The developers ultimately chose The Wind Waker for this new story. Hayashi confirmed that this segment will take place after the ending of the Wii U version, meaning we will get to see what happened after Ganon was sealed away in Hyrule Warriors.

Are you excited to see The Wind Waker featured in Hyrule Warriors: Legends? Are you excited to see the story of Hyrule Warriors continued? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything)

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