Hyrule Warriors: Legends was unexpected, but it turns out they had some solid reasoning for bringing it to the 3DS. While development started shortly after the game released on Wii U, it turns out it was the reaction from 3DS owners that caused them to develop it to begin with.

“That was after the release of the Wii U version. The Wii U version got a positive reception from people who played it, but as there are already many Zelda titles on the Nintendo 3DS, many Zelda fans said “I’d like to play this on 3DS”. The development of the Nintendo 3DS version took off from there.” – Yosuke Hayashi, Hyrule Warriors’ Producer

That does make sense, as the 3DS currently has 3 Zelda games (including the two remakes) with a 4th on the way. It’s definitely been a nice haven for Zelda fans, so tossing Hyrule Warriors: Legends into the mix makes a bit more sense. It was also noted that the game right now is around 60% complete. This may explain why there was no playable demo at E3. What do you think?

Source: Famitsu (via Nintendo Everything)

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