2881253-screen+shot+2015-06-10+at+07.58.27Hyrule Warriors Legends, Nintendo’s newest taste of Zelda on the 3DS, has been given a bunch of new screenshots! A few of these are simply higher-resolution versions of what we recently saw in an issue of Famitsu magazine, but a whole bunch are brand new, and feature the new The Wind Waker characters, Tetra, Toon Link, and The King of Red Lions! There is a lot of new info here, so hit the jump to take a look!















WELL. That’s a lot of news to take in. First off, two brand new maps have been revealed: Forsaken Fortress, and Dragon Roost Island. Concidering the size of Hyrule Warriors‘ existing maps, we can likely expect the Dragon Roost map to go straight into the Ritos’ home, and maybe even Dragon Roost Cavern. Similarly, we can probably expect to see most if not all of Forsaken Fortress, right up to the peak. This could be supported by the addition of the new boss: The Helmarok King. It was fought at the peak of the Fortress in The Wind Waker, so perhaps the same will happen in this title.

Now, you may notice in some shots that there are land formations around the edge of Dragon Roost that are not there in The Wind Waker. They kind of look similar to the land formations visible around Forsaken Fortress, now that the water level is lower, as can be seen in other shots. This could possibly mean that the two islands are one big battlefield map. I could be wrong. Goddesses know I can’t read Japanese, and it may say otherwise, but it might be worth noting. Also, an important note, One of the images of a cutscene with Tetra shows that she is on Windfall Island You can also see structures from Windfall in the surrounding artwork around a few of the images. One can assume this place is only for that cutscene, as it might serve as a relatively lame battlefield, but who knows. Nintendo does weird stuff sometimes.

Interestingly, we see some new enemies in the new maps being fought by Tetra, and the newest fighter, Toon Link. We have Miniblins acting as the base swarm enemies, and oddly enough, Spirit Tracks‘ Big Blins as a new heavy creature. Strange to see it there, but hey. Time travel, man. Finally, a new item is available: The Hammer. This is likely another power-up item, like the bow and the bombs, but it is being used by Toon Link, so perhaps it is a fighter-specific item that is used solely for one of his attacks. Either way, it seems to make enemies dizzy, as is the case with its main series counterparts.

Lastly, that shot of Lana has her standing in front of some large structure. It looks a bit familiar, but I personally cannot place it. Either I am missing something, or it is a brand new place. Any ideas, everyone?

What do you think of the new content added to this 3DS port? What do you hope is added next? Drop a comment!

Source: GameCity (via Nintendo Everything)