image With just a few months left until its March 25th release, we’re beginning to see more Hyrule Warriors Legends fanfair hit the gaming scene. One gaming retailer in the UK, GAME, opened pre-orders for a Hyrule Warriors Legends Limited Edition bundle that contains both a copy of the game and a golden Compass watch. The bundle is set at £49.99 and is said to be exclusive to GAME retailers, though it’s likely the bundle will also make its way to Nintendo UK’s online store.

The bundle is expected to release along with the game in March.
For more details and pictures of the Compass watch, hit the jump!


The bundle is limited to one per customer and is not available to non-UK residents. The watch looks adorable, it would be nice paraphernalia to have though I can’t help but want something more. I’m not certain any larger bundles will become available, but in any case I’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo of America has in store for its buyers. For UK residents, you’ll have to make the call whether to pre-order this now and secure your Limited Edition bundle, or hold off until Nintendo UK releases a bundle of its own.

What do you think of the Compass watch? What else would you want the bundle to be packaged with? What are those of you outside of the UK hoping for in terms of Limited Edition Hyrule Warriors Legends merchandise? Let us know in the comments!

Source: My Nintendo News