hyrule_warriors_legends_3ds-700x388Although Nintendo skipped the Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo made sure that Link and his friends were not forgotten. Hyrule Warriors Legends was featured very prominently during the multi day event in Japan. During the course of the event Koei Tecmo hosted a live-stream which featured tons of new information from Hyrule Warriors Legends, as we reported earlier they gave us a confirmed release date and 2 different collector’s editions scheduled for Japan, we also learned about the 3D functionality, amiibo support, and DLC. Now, we have some new gameplay footage from the TGS show floor. Although we don’t get any new information from the footage, we do have a chance to check out how the game runs on the 3DS as well as the new mechanic added to the game. The character switch mechanic was added as a new feature for this version of the game, which will allow you to quickly switch from one character to another.

Jump in past the break to check it out.

Since this game won’t be releasing until 2016 we still have much more time to wait! Are you excited to play this on the 3DS? Have you already picked up the New 3DS or will you be doing so just in time to play this game with the full 3D support? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube