hyrule-warriors-legends-artJust yesterday, a demo for Hyrule Warriors Legends opened up in the Japanese eShop. The popular Japanese magazine, CoroCoro offered a QR code which allows access to a special demo for the game. Since the launch of the demo we have seen several bits of information come across about the upcoming title. One of the most impactful bits of news that has come across is that the game does not run as smoothly on the regular 3DS, so for those of you that have yet to upgrade to the New 3DS, you will definitely want to know that you will experience quite a bit of frame rate drops, especially noticeable if you have spent anytime playing the original title on the Wii U. NintenDaan has been kind enough to upload a video to his YouTube channel showing off some gameplay footage from the demo, and it is being played on a regular 3DS so you will really be able to get a better idea as to how your game might be impacted.

Jump in past the break and check it out.

The game is most definitely still playable on the regular 3DS but you can definitely tell that it is harder for the machine to run the game. How many of you have yet to upgrade your 3DS? Is this a deal breaker for you, will you still be playing Hyrule Warriors Legends?

Source: YouTube

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