Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.45.14 AMYesterday, a demo for the Japanese eShop was released for Hyrule Warriors Legends and since we have already shared some news on the impact that the game will have on the regular 3DS vs. the new 3DS. The biggest impact so far is that the regular 3DS will experience frame rate drops and make the game run a little less than smoothly, especially in comparison to what you might be used to experiencing on the Wii U version. Now, our friends over at GameXplain have made a great comparison video pitting the Wii U version of the game up against the 3DS version. The video was shot with the game being played on a regular 3DS, so it definitely gives you a really good perspective on how different the title runs on that machine.

Head on past the break and see what you think.

I am always torn about watching videos of 3DS footage on a non-3D machine, as you loose the whole affect and it obviously makes the footage look even worse. With that said having the two games running side by side you can defiantly see huge differences in how each is running, even the color saturation is vastly different. What are your thoughts? Will you be playing the game on a regular 3DS? Has this possibly made you realize it might be time for an upgrade? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube