Bugs always seem to slip into newly released games and with today’s always online attitude, there is little reason to not patch and fix various issues. That being said, Hyrule Warriors is experiencing few hiccups including frame rate drops and the occasional screen freeze (happens in Co-op mode and sometimes on the title screen). Koei Tecmo has vocally stated they are aware of the bug reports and are working quickly to patch them. Having watching many livestreams so far, I have only seen one instance of severe frame rate drop. I am sure a bit of code cleaning could easily solve that problem.

All this tells me is that, like many games, expect a day one patch ready to go when you get the game in September. There is a high chance due to that patch we won’t be experiencing these issues ourselves. What do you think? Be sure to give our Hyrule Warriors Walkthrough a good look if you find yourself needing some help next month!

Source: Esuteru

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