When it was originally announced that retailer-exclusive DLC would be releasing alongside the crossover title, Hyrule Warriors, few fans were left feeling particularly thrilled. While this was a move befitting of Koei Tecmo and their Dynasty Warriors series, this was something rare in Nintendo’s history at the time (less so now with regards to the wave three amiibo figures), and forced gamers to not only commit to a pre-order if they wished to gain their preferred costume, but also to forsake the other two sets. Add to this the additional possibility of missing out on the Demon King costume set and we couldn’t help feeling a little cheated.

While it was originally hinted at that the retailer exclusivity would be a limited-time deal, European players received these packs on the eshop last week, and now we finally have the confirmation in the form of these sets’ availability on the North American Nintendo eshop. For those who only obtained one of the three costume packs for Link and ZeldaOcarina of Time, Twilight Princess, or Skyward Sword – now you can get the other two at a reasonable $0.99 apiece And for those who missed out on the registration offer or are not part of Club Nintendo, the Demon King costume set, with an Ocarina of Time and a Twilight Princess costume for Ganondorf, can also be purchased at the same price.

Will any of you be picking up these costumes while you wait patiently for the Majora’s Mask and Boss DLC releasing next Spring? If so, on which one(s) of these will you be spending your rupees? Does the removal of the retailer-exclusivity aspect at this point (albeit months later) alleviate your aversion to DLC in future titles?

Source: Nintendo eshop (via NintendoEverything)

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