hyrule-warriors-princess-ruto-6The Hyrule Warriors trailers just keep on coming! This morning, Tecmo Koei was kind enough to release a trailer dedicated to the Princess of the Zoras, Ruto! Although we saw her in action yesterday, this gameplay video is dedicated solely to her.

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Old habits die hard, as we see Ruto being carried into battle much in the same way Link did in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly. Ruto’s attacks appear to consist of slashes and using various methods of water manipulation to damage her foes. Her standard strikes almost seem like an elegant dance, with her spinning around and gracefully taking down anyone unfortunate enough to stand in her way. At one point, she actually appears to be swimming in the air, further showcasing just how nimble she is in battle.

In addition, it seems like she utilizes the Silver Scale to create different water-based techniques to aid her while fighting. We see her producing giant spheres of water, firing fish-based water projectiles, and even making a giant whirlpool which sucks opponents inwards and then blasts them away with a waterspout. These attacks appear to have impressive range and a huge area of effect. Some of her water-based moves also seem to provide the same debuff as Impa’s, if you look closely enough.

We saw a little of Ruto with yesterday’s trailer, but what do you think of her after seeing this one? I’ve been wanting a Zora from the very beginning, so I’m absolutely elated that Ruto is playable! The way she is able to dive out of and then back into the battlefield with her attacks is rather stylish, don’t you think? Whose trailer do you hope to see next? What characters do you think have yet to be revealed?

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