When theories of the timeline and how each game connected were getting more and more confusing, Nintendo decided to clear up much of this and released the official Hyrule Historia book. With it’s release not only have our questions of the timeline been answered, but with each passing day more of the pages are being translated and it seems we are still learning new answers to mysteries that have gone unsolved for years.

Last night a Zelda Universe forum member, The Baton of Wind, revealed a connection between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess that many of us in the Zelda community have been debating about for the past five years. Is the Hero’s Shade actually the very same Link that we played as in Ocarina of Time? If you’re interested to find out than continue reading after the jump for the answer and a translation of what the book has to say.

When Link first set foot in the Twilight, the crest of the Triforce of Courage shined on the back of his hand; when he returned to human-form he wore clothes the hero wore. Link is taught mysteries from the ghost of the hero of time. Since he returned to his childhood, he’d felt regret that he would leave his name as hero. Therefore, the “son” of Link speaks proof of the courage he inheirited mysteriously.

While playing Twilight Princess, I always thought that the Hero’s Shade was in fact Link from Ocarina of Time. I honestly never seen a reason why he couldn’t be. It just made complete sense to me and I thought it added a deeper connection between the Zelda games, although I’m not a fan of how Link is portrayed and feel that Nintendo should have gone with a different visual approach for the Hero’s Shade. One that we would all have seen and without a doubt recognized as the Hero of Time, but Nintendo likes to add in things just like this that keep us speculating and theorizing.

What do you guys think about the Hero of Time being the Hero’s Shade? What else do you think is left to discover from an official translation of Hyrule Historia? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Zelda Universe

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