Zelda games were not necessarily built to be played through as quickly as possible, but this hasn’t stopped a vibrant community of highly skilled speedrunners from springing up around the series. In the latest Hyrule Compendium, the venerable Gooey and Mases discuss how they feel about speedrunning Zelda games, how the practice has impacted newer titles, and whether the advent of competitive runs is a good thing for the series. 

The pair acknowledge that speedrunning presents a unique way to play Zelda that can breathe new life into older titles and bring fresh attention to the series in competitive gaming circles. But, while the exploits are impressive, is something lost when Zelda games are played in a style that is contrary to what was intended? Either way, the popularity of speedrunning affected Breath of the Wild’s design and the duo explores how this movement could continue to impact the series.

How do you feel about speedrunning in Zelda? Do you think it elevates the games, or undermines the intended experience? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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